The logo features an abstract calendar with the letter 'T' highlighted, symbolizing the ease of scheduling appointments with Tattoodaily. The logo represents the core values: providing an organized and efficient way to manage appointments and daily planning.

Visual identity

Tattoodaily monogram

Tattoodaily primary logo

Tattoodaily alt logo

Tattoodaily app icon

Jamming is life

Logo and visual identity for Eversine's record label, 'Jamming Is Life.' Capturing the essence of improvisation, spontaneity, and the evolving magic of music.

Visual identity

JIL logo

JIL 001 A

JIL 001 B

Nol monogram

Crafted from four intertwining 'N's, this monogram exudes strength and sophistication. The clever use of negative space unveils a subtle star.



monogram 'nnnn' in context

Breakfast Club

Teaming up with Breakfastclub, we crafted a design system using a flexible grid on top of the content. This gives us the freedom to create event-specific content based on trends, speaking to the audience in a fun and creative way.

visual identity

Breakfastclub system

bfc ADE Marathon

bfc summer in the city

bfc the first dance


The recreation of a typeface commonly used in Amsterdam's public transport system. The grid inspired by the LED screens used for displaying messages, intrigued me.


Intransit 1

Intransit alphabet

Intransit 'X'

Intransit 'X' in context

Intransit in context


Visual identity developed for Ninih, the record label run by Pieter Jansen.

visual identity

ninih logo

ninih 004 sleeve

ninih 004 label

ninih 004 sleeve & label


A collaboration with an innovative creative experience agency renowned for their contributions to iconic festivals in the Netherlands.

The logo takes inspiration from the front left, a beloved haven for dedicated revelers, offering a subtle nod to the spirit of the electrifying crowd.

the monogram's shape can serve as a unique stylistic element, enhancing brand recognition.

visual identity

linksvoor monogram

Linksvoor logo exploration

linksvoor primary logo

linksvoor primary logo 2

Klotz mono

A monospaced typeface that draws its inspiration from a pixel grid, marrying precision with pixel artistry.


Klotz mono 1

Klotz mono character set

Klotz mono '%'

Klotz mono '&'

Klotz mono in context

Bas de Haan

A brand identity for Bas de Haan, a talented furniture maker known for his precision.

The logo, inspired by Bas' last name 'De Haan,' which translates literally to 'Rooster,' is based on a grid, symbolizing his exacting work.

The monogram serves as a stamp of authenticity, leaving its mark on every piece of furniture.


bas de haan 1

bas de haan logo grid

bas de haan in context

bas de haan color palette


Custom lettering 'Rosewater'.

custom lettering

rosewater lettering

rosewater in context


A digital approach to a blackletter alphabet, crafted with precision using a calligraphy brush tilted at a 45-degree angle.


Amsterdoom 1

Amsterdoom alphabet

Amsterdoom skeleton

Amsterdoom in context

Twan Ronnes

Logo and monogram I created for Twan Ronnes, a digital strategist from Amsterdam. It combines the first letters of his first and last name for an interesting and straightforward look.


twan ronnes primary logo

twan ronnes logo exploration

Twan ronnes in context

Twan ronnes monogram


In The Hague, you'll find a hidden gem for book enthusiasts: 'Huis van het Boek,' which translates to 'House of the Book.' The brand has been distilled to its core resulting in a self-explanatory logo that has given it a fitting, contemporary appearance.

In collaboration with Artur Schmal of Original Type we created a complete typeface with references to books. The close-up of the letter 'K' beautifully reveals the hidden book.


Huis van het boek 1

hvhb logo explanation

hvhb typeface

hvhb typeface 'K'

hvhb logo in context


The dynamic Ruimtevolk logo, composed of letters in 1x1 squares, perfectly reflects the expertise and versatility seen in their urban development projects. Its modular design ensures easy and dynamic adaptation across various assets.


ruimtevolk 1

ruimtevolk monogram

ruimtevolk alternatives

ruimetvolk dynamic logo